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Excursions in Kiev - 14 languages + Accommodation in La Scala hotel + Gastro tour. All inclusive ;-

Choose excursions in Kyiv for every day

Holidays for every taste. The arsenal has interactive, walking and bus tours. For those who like to walk on their own, consider everything in detail, and for those who like to go faster and on a comfortable bus.

We are the only company that provides tours in more than 12 languages, including English

The services of a professional photographer will help to capture wonderful moments and you against the backdrop of sights.

You can get acquainted with the history of Kyiv:

Visit the Pirogovo open-air museum. See the spiritual shrine of Ukraine Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

Visit temples and churches of Kievan Rus. Plunge into the night life of evening Kyiv

And that's not all!

We have worked out the routes of excursions in detail so that you can get to know the different sights as much as possible and have time to enjoy the views and colorful landscapes.

The narration of excursions in a literary context, so you will definitely not be bored. So you can discover a lot of tales and secrets that even the locals do not know about.

After listening to all our excursions, you will know the history of Ukraine and Kyiv in some places even better than native Ukrainians and Kyivans.

Interested? Then book your tour and get one step closer to the heart of Ukraine - Kyiv. We will wait for you.

Sacred Kyiv - cathedrals and churches of Kievan Rus

Audio guide - private tour
cost 27.34 $ 13.67 $

Sacred Kyiv. Visit the most notable churches and sacred places of ancient Kyiv.

Discover the sanctities of the Ukrainian capital; admire the magnificence and splendor of millennial churches and cathedrals. After all, they are not just shrines for prayer; they guard the secrets of ancient times.

Medieval frescoes and graffiti, masterpieces by famous artists and churches having risen from the ashes, will guide you through Kyivs spiritual history. Experience Orthodox and Catholic churches and cathedrals; come in contact with the relic of world-famous saints like St. Barbara. Admire the brilliant frescoes painted on cathedral walls by Mikhail Vrubel and Viktor Vasnetsov.

The highlight of the tour is Kyivs oldest surviving church from the 11th century, St. Sophias Cathedral. This is a true sanctity in the city and the country. Original mosaics and frescoes have been preserved on its walls, paintings that would be difficult to replicate even in our time. Inside the dome, the Virgin Orans extends her arms in prayer. It is believed that as long as the Queen of Heaven stands, Kyiv will stand.

Find out about the great princes Volodymyr the Fair Sun and Yaroslav the Wise. We will tell you about the great Prince Vladimir the Red Sun and Yaroslav the Wise, and why behind every successful prince you need to look for a woman. Uncover the secrets of the official chroniclers of the most famous Pope of all.

All this and more awaits you on this tour at the heart of sacral Kyiv. Come along for the Sacral Kyiv tour if you want to find out how Kyiv has come to be both a city of churches and witches, and who the heavenly protector of Ukraines capital is, if you want to take a stroll through the picturesque grounds of an ancient monastery on the hills of the Dnieper.

The tour includes 8 cathedrals: St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery; Andrew's Church; Saint Sophie Cathedral; St. Vladimir's Cathedral; Alexander Church; Church of St. Nicholas; Vydubitsky Monastery; Cyril's Church.


Holy place of Ukraine-Rus - Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra

Audio guide - private tour
cost 19.14 $ 9.57 $

You are welcome to visit the holy sanctuary of Ukraine-Rus the monastery of Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra. This ancient sacred place is called the Jerusalem of Rus, Ukrainian Vatican, and Orthodox Mecca. Pilgrims from many countries walked to this place to be purged of sin and to get blessing. Even kings walked through the holy gates on foot only, leaving their carriages. It is believed that being here itself purifies and gives enlightenment. This is the highest place in historical part of Kyiv.

You can admire the unique architectural complex of Kyiv Lavra, see legendary domes of 20 temples and hear crystal sound of the bells. In caves of Lavra you can touch the imperishable hallows of ancient hermits that may miraculously heal and assist in everyday life.

Lavra museums give an opportunity to get acquainted with tangible and spiritual culture of Ukraine of thousands of years. You will visit the Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine, where you will see legendary gold of the Scythians; you will marvel at Ukrainian popular craftwork items in the Museum of Decorative Arts and even will see a shod flea at the exhibition of micro miniatures Nikolay Syadristy.

At the end of the tour, we will walk through the Park of Eternal Glory, learn more about the famine of Ukrainians in Soviet times and visit one of the most famous historical places in Kyiv, Askold's grave.


Ancient Kyiv - 1,000 B.C., the cultures and people who inhabited the territory of ancient Ukraine

Audio guide - private tour
cost 27.34 $ 13.67 $

We invite you on a tour around a legendary ancient city. A city of churches and witches, a place where, according to ancient tales, the World Serpents head bites its own tail.

During our tour, you will learn many interesting things about the thousand-year history of Kiev, feel the breath of the ages famous for their legendary rulers and glorious warriors, generous patrons and outstanding masters.

You will be able to gain a glimpse at stories of love and hate, victory and disgrace, loyalty and betrayal, ambitions and patriotism. Ahead of you lies the beautiful and mysterious corners of ancient Kyiv, admired by artists and poets.

We will show you the city that was burnt and rebuilt, conquered with heavy losses, and defended to the last drop of blood. You will be able to walk the streets where outstanding artists and writers were walking and creating.

You can make a wish in locations where its bound to come true, and take pictures of the unique monuments and to admire spectacular views from the hills of Kyiv.

The tour program includes a visit to the Museum of the History of Ukraine, St. Andrew's Church, St. Andrew's Descent and the Bulgakov Museum.


Original Ukraine - the largest in Europe open-air museum "Pirohovo"

Audio guide - private tour
cost 27.34 $ 13.67 $

In the open-air museum of Pyrohiv, you will see original rural dwellings from different regions of Ukraine, and get introduced to a variety of arts and crafts of different nationalities in its territory. 

There are southern open expanses, central regions rich in fertile soil, mysterious woody areas and highland territorieseverything made its impact on the construction of dwellings, environmental protection, and decoration. 

The Ukraine the Unique tour offers you a one-day journey on foot across Ukraine. Dont be surpriseddespite the fact that Ukraine is the largest European country, the Pyrohiv open-air museum will show you the architecture and the way of life of all regions of Ukraine. 

Many Ukrainian cities have millennial history, yet the culture of the country is mainly based on rural traditions. You will see how each housewife tried to embellish everyday life of her family and provide comfort to all its members, while courtyard and household buildings will be the best to tell about the head of the family. We will visit old wooden churches, admire the view of majestic windmills, look into the secret corners of Ukrainian hut and hear many legends and tales. The museum also hosts various ethnographic festivals, master classes, and folk festivities open for participation at will. 


Feofaniya Park and Panteleymonovsky Monastery

Audio guide - private tour
cost 5.47 $ 0.00 $

We will visit the St. Panteleimon Convent, stroll through Kyiv Switzerland - one of the most beautiful parks in Ukraine Feofaniya.

Picturesque ponds with gazebos and fountains lie here, among the hundred-year-old oaks, maples, lindens and ashes. Healing springs spout from under the ground and majestic monastic domes rise into the sky.

We will also see the place where the first computer in Europe was created.

The working hours of the monastery are from 8:00 to 20:00
Park opening hours - from 8:00 to 23:00


Audio guide - private tour
cost 10.94 $ 5.47 $

Kyiv in the evening - the nightlife of the center of Ukraine

Tuesdays Time from 21:30 to 23:30 Saturdays Time from 21:30 to 23:30
cost 5.47 $ 2.73 $

We invite you to see another image of Kyiv the one it assumes when the night falls.

Soak in the nightlife atmosphere of the heart of Ukraine, plunge into the glow of lights, and feel the pulse of the mystical and mysterious ancient city. Find out the citys secrets, learn of witches and their sabbaths, and see the domes of ancient temples resplendent with gold and as well as the most famous monuments.

You will see Andrew the Apostle catching a taxi in the street, and Prince Vladimir helping river sailors find their way at night. You will learn where the Queen of Siam was brought up, about some tricks Kyiv students use to pass their exams, and about the place where a great composer lost his remuneration. You will visit places fondly visited by Honor de Balzac, Franz Liszt, and Nikolai Gogol, admire the views of the illuminated Dnieper Quay and hear the stories locals tell to entertain guests of the City of Kyiv.



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